The Supercars that Celebrities Love to Drive and Now You Can Too!

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5 Famous Supercars that Superstars Own and You Can Rent in Florida

One of the perks of being a celebrity is that you can buy supercars. Even if you don’t recognize the most recognizable superstars in the world, you certainly wouldn’t miss out on their supercars. From TV to music to sports to Hollywood, different celebrities have different tastes in cars.

In most cases, celebrities don’t buy the most expensive supercar. Instead, they buy a car that complements their personality. Since you don’t have to be super-rich to rent an exotic car, it is time to take a look at the cars of famous celebrities and their famous supercars.

1.    Justin Bieber and Shaquille O’Neal’s Lamborghini Love

You don’t even have to be a supercar enthusiast to be in awe of Lamborghini. The car manufacturer makes some of the best supercars in the world. Justin Bieber and Shaquille O’Neal have been avid fans of Lamborghini. In fact, both celebrities have had different models of Lamborghini’s and continue to keep Aventador S and EVO versions. 

It makes sense for Justin Bieber to show brand loyalty to Lamborghini. However, it often surprises people that Shaquille O’Neal, the former basketball player also loves Lamborghini cars. Justin Bieber drives the Lamborghini Aventador S, which is popular among many other in the music landscape, sports, and Hollywood.

2.    Jay Leno’s Audi R8 Spyder

Jay Leno is famous as one of the greatest Late Talk Show Host. But what might surprise you to find out is that the late talk show host also owns an impressive collection of exotic cars.  Jay Leno’s Audi R8 Spyder has been into the news for more than once.

In fact, Jay Leno owns around 286 cars but treasures Audi R8 Spyder the most. Once you look past the expensive price tag of the supercar, you’ll notice its high-powered engine performance and personalized interior and exterior design choices.

3.    Gordon Ramsey and Nicholas Cage’s Ferrari Collection

If you’re a fan of Nicholas Cage’s acting and Gordon Ramsey’s cooking, you probably would want to rent a Ferrari supercar. Both celebrities have had a variety of Ferrari cars over the years. But unlike ordinary people, celebrities are worth hundreds of millions and can afford to buy more than one Ferrari supercar. As a non-celebrity, you can rent the same Ferrari models as Gordon Ramsey and Nicholas Cage and find out why they share so much love for the Italian car manufacturer.

4.    Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian’s Bentley Collection

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are at the peak of fame and invite controversies every other week. But both celebrities have enough wealth to buy some of the best cars in the world. Paris Hilton owns a Bentley to showcase a classic, elegant, and stylish touch. It’s the refinement on top of refinement that makes personalized Paris Hilton’s Bentley so popular. 

Similarly, Kardashian has the same taste in cars as Paris Hilton. Even they buy the cars for the sake of competitiveness; it is easy to fall over heels with Bentley. Unlike Paris Hilton’s pink version, Kim Kardashian drives a black Bentley Continental Convertible GTC.

5.    Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin

If you want to rent a car that Daniel Craig, the James Bond himself drives, and then you should go for Aston Martin. The 007 star drives limited edition 2014 Aston Martin and always feels ready for action. However, a few years ago, the actor decided to sell the car to support a charitable event.

Still, it is easy to marvel at the car and Daniel Craig still sings praises of Aston Martin’s driving experience. The left-hand midnight Aston Martin is modeled with dark blue interior leather and has 200 miles/hour of top speed.

Final Thoughts

You need to think of the car rental service as an opportunity to fill the same shoes as your most beloved celebrity. In short, you don’t have to match the fame and wealth of a celebrity to drive the same car. Rent an exotic car from a rental agency and experience the heightened driving experience that can last a lifetime.

In Miami alone, you can spot many celebrities driving around exclusive and exotic cars. If you want to live a day like your favorite celebrity, you should reach out to a car rental company like La Stalla Exotics.