How the Luxury Car You Want to Drive Reflects Your Personality

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How the Luxury Car You Want to Drive Reflects Your Personality

Choosing your car is a lot like choosing a partner. You always want to choose one that will better work with your frequency and will accompany you on your travels. But just like what choosing a partner can say about you, choosing a car can say equally as much.

In fact, you can usually tell more about a person by what car they drive than how they talk or dress. Here are a few things that you can tell about a person depending on what Luxury car they are driving.

Luxury Cars

People who drive luxury cars have a taste for finer things in life and have the kind of money to support that lifestyle. People who drive these luxury cars are usually older, with most crossing 50 and 60 years old. They will also usually travel large distances while working incredibly hard and being completely profit-driven.

Many people who own these cars have chauffeurs to drive them, as they prefer to work on their way to their destination. These people also tend to be highly educated and are working as leaders or owners of firms.

Sports Cars

These are people who love the thrill of driving fast and the roar of the engine. These people are also usually seeking validation for their choice of a sports car. These people will also usually choose their car depending on how rare that specific car is. For them, appearances mean everything, as they can rarely ever take advantage of the car’s intended purpose.

Furthermore, people who usually own certain types of vehicles only do because they wish to imitate a certain type of lifestyle. The inspiration for that lifestyle is usually influencers who live very exciting lives and drive expensive cars. But despite owning very expensive cars, these individuals do not make as much money.

Luxury SUV

These SUVs offer a great deal of functionality while still offering incredible luxury to boot. These cars are usually massive, sporting incredible engines that roar every time they so much as move an inch. Most people will buy these cars as it is a compromise between having a luxury vehicle while still having a family vehicle.

These people usually have to take long trips or have a lot of family members. More importantly, these people still want a fancy and luxurious ride making luxury SUVs a good compromise. So if you are considering buying one, you might need the extra cargo space but an incredible ride.

Different Color Options

Of course, the car is not the only thing that can say a lot about you; it is also the color you choose that speaks a thousand words.


People who own gray cars are usually very low maintenance and do not see their car as some stylish icon. Instead, they believe that their car is completely functional and do not wish their car to stand out much. You might get this color because it is generally easier to keep it clean.


Since there are so many shades of blue for cars, different ones have different meanings. People who drive blue cars are usually fairly upbeat and practical, with a fairly good mood. These are usually joyous people who like the color so much that they want it on everything.

Medium blue can show that a person is down to earth and is reliable, while dark blue is more of a formal color. If a person owns a dark blue car, they are most likely in a leadership position.


Red is a color that sticks out of the crowd and is instantly recognizable. Regardless of the shade or tint, most people like this color because of the attention that comes with it. People who will have these types of cars will often be very energetic, powerful, confident, and ambitious, or they just want to be seen that way.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the psychology of luxury cars can be very interesting and quite fun. You can even use this type of psychology to your advantage to make a good impression. Since most of these impressions are created at a subconscious level, they will evoke your desired emotions without necessarily knowing. And with that kind of understanding, you can swing the situation in your favor.