How to Make an Incredible Impression by Driving a Luxury or Exotic Car

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How to Make an Incredible Impression by Driving a Luxury or Exotic Car

Many people believe in the saying, “the first impression is the last.” And the chances are that you are looking to make a good one as well. There are certainly different ways for people to make a lasting impression in a matter of minutes. The most effective way to do this is with an impressive car.

Driving to an important place in a luxury car is an important part of looking good. And if you choose the right type of car for the occasion along with the right car, it can take you a long way. Here is how you can make a very good impression with the luxury car you choose and its color.

Choosing the Right Color

You can buy luxury cars in a range of different colors. Each of them can have a profound effect on how people see you.


Gray is one of the rarest colors on a luxury car. The main reason is that the color gray doesn’t tend to stand out as much. Of course, the color in question here is gray and not silver, which tends to be very stylish. So if you happen to drive a car that is gray, it can show that you are someone who doesn’t like to stand out.

While that may seem antithetical to why you are driving a luxury car, it can show people a different side of you. It can show that you do not care much for standing out and that you take on a more functional and practical approach to life. Having this trait can be good if you are looking to make an impression on a client or a friend.


Yellow is a happy color and is one that most people will use on their cars. People who have a car in this color are stylish but in a joyful way. They like to speak their mind, and they try to see the bright side in any situation.

Having this color on a sports car can look incredible. Not only does it look good with black accents, but it can also give people the impression of an optimistic personality. This can be especially great for your friends, as they will be able to see that you are someone who likes to have fun.


Although not necessarily joyous, people with blue cars are usually optimistic and honest people. They are usually also very compassionate and are serene, giving them a very comforting presence among people. Overall, it is nothing short of an amazing color to have on your car.

You can usually find darker shades of blue on various types of luxury cars. And depending on the finish, they can glisten in the slightest light, or they can be very simple and fierce. More specifically, you can choose between a glossy finish and a matte one for your car.

The Types of Cars

Even though the color of a car is important, it is not as important as the car that you drive. The different types of luxury cars that you can drive include:

Luxury Sedans

These spacious cars give you enough room for your friends or partners and offer a fair middle ground. They are not too performance-heavy and offer plenty of comforts. They are great for long drives and are even great for showing up to parties.


These cars are usually great for cross-city and state travel. They are especially great if you have a lot of people with you and are looking for the most comfortable driving and/or riding experience. If you are looking for the most comfortable and luxurious cars, then something like the Rolls Royce Cullinan is a great choice. If you want something that aims towards sports, then the Lamborghini URUS is great.


Supercars are the best at creating an instant impression. Not only are they incredibly stylish, but they are also very powerful. Their sound alone is enough to makes people’s heads turn. While white, black, and gray certainly look good, they are too muted for cars that tend to stand out so much. Brighter colors with a glossy finish will look the best in every situation. But due to their mileage, they are best to drive only from one specific place to the next.