The McLaren 720s: is it really as Light as they say?

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McLaren 720 Coupe is one of the latest models introduced by the brand and is winnings hearts globally. The company has taken comfort to the next level, but is it as good as everyone believes? Let's look at McLaren 720s Coupe and if it is worth renting from La Stalla Miami.

The McLaren 720s has fantastic looks, but luxury cars Miami are more about handling and performance. The car is surprisingly comfortable and is extremely light on the road, and its fantastic comfort can make even the busiest roads an easy task as it requires minimal driver input. The car has a hydraulically interlinked suspension set-up, which sets it apart from the other models that you may have seen in the past.

What Makes McLaren 720s as Light as it is?

The hydraulically interlinked suspensions are in place of the classic mechanical anti-roller bars. These roller bars do precisely what their names suggest, and they roll up against the bar and control the suspension on each car by distributing the bumps and changes across the different car sides.

However, the McLaren 720s coupe's new design provides better grip and control on the road. The Mclaren 720s is probably your best option if you are looking for road compliance.

In addition, the car also has a strict carbon structure, making it ideal for drivers who want to maintain a good road grip even at high acceleration. However, the car is still not prone to potholes, so you must watch the road.

Nonetheless, the exotic cars in Miami, like McLaren, have excellent fluency, making them ideal if you want a good quality car. Let's talk about some geeky details on the car that you might have missed otherwise.

The Headlights and cooling system

Interestingly, McLaren's 720s headlights were the highlight of the design as they got praise and criticism. However, there's more depth to the "eye socket" or headlights. McLaren designers have merged the front intakes and headlights into a single design for a closer look. The car looks virtually seamless, making it one of the lightest exotic cars in Miami.

In addition, the cooling system ensures that you don't have to worry about the engine heating up when you are revving across the road.

In addition, the eye socket has a single LED strip that acts as the actual headlight, whereas the rest of the area is the intake. The lights also have an upright lens, which helps create the perfect light beam when you are on the road. You are bound to see potholes, obstructions, and other elements which might impact your car's comfort.

Performance and Weight

McLaren 720s is one of the fastest vehicles produced by the company, and we have seen it giving a good competition to the majority of the supercars out in the market. The British Drag beast ensures that you get the best of both worlds when racing the car across your road. 

McLaren understands that weight is speed's biggest enemy, so its designers went out of their way to create the perfect balance between performance and weight. The design change makes it one of the lightest exotic cars in Miami that you can find.

Light and Brutal

McLaren claims they have shed nearly 53 pounds from the car thanks to its carbon-fiber exterior, bumper line, etc. The car also does not have the classic McLaren sunroof and has it replaced with a carbon fiber panel on the top. The car has a higher track focus instead of providing eye candy alone. The lighter weight ensures that the car hits high speeds on the track.

 The exterior enhancements in the car include 10-spoke forged wheels and a spoiler that has a carbon fiber finish, making it blend perfectly with the rest of the vehicle design. Note that drivers in the United States will not get the roll bar because it is not allowed, but the McLaren 720s is still a worthy rent option at La Stalla Miami.

Bottom Line

The McLaren 720 is really as Light, as they say, considering it has several designs and material changes that reduce its overall weight. People also deem it the perfect everyday car, and you will get carbon fiber seats with the car. Find more information about these luxury cars in Miami on La Stalla Miami when you need a vehicle for rent.